Kat Edmonson

Hi Kat, my name is Maya Donato. I am 15 years old and I live in California. I have grown up listening to you, and my mom puts you on in the kitchen every morning while I eat breakfast. Your songs have helped me get through a lot of tough moments especially What Else Can I Do. When I found out you were playing in San Fransisco I skipped the tech rehearsal for the show I was in to come see you and I cried almost the entire time. It was surreal to see you in person and it was lovely meeting Benjamin Winter. I wanted to reach out and let you know what a huge fan I truly am. I love all your music and really enjoy the new song you wrote with your guitarist, All The Way. Please know that without you, it would have been a lot tougher to get through some of the things I have had too and you've got your number one fan right here :) I hope to see you again as soon as you return. Thank you again for your amazing music and I cant wait for the next album! (even though you just came out with one.)

Kat Edmonson responded on 08/19/2015


I only just now read your message but I want you to know it made my day. I'm so glad that my music could help you get through some things. Good for you for finding a way through whatever you were/have been going through! I have learned that being inspired, above all else, is the best way through ANY hard time, so stay inspired. I have also learned that we don't have to work to find inspiration because it comes naturally when we engage in the things we love, so be sure to listen to your heart and make room for those little things you love. I'm wishing you all the best! More Power To You!


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