Kat Edmonson

Hello, my name is Carmel McCreagh, I'm a singer, living in Ireland. Firstly let me thank you for sharing your artistry and craft. I have been performing your beautiful song 'Nobody Knows That' and have recorded it for my new album. Here's my question. At present women in Ireland have a battle on their hands to change the law and give them more autonomy over their bodies and life decisions. On Sunday a group of us women will meet in my studio to record your song 'A Voice' which we intend to use give encouragement to all of us women before a vote next weekend and beyond. May we change one line to read "Yes I have a voice and I can sing and I am satisfied. I look forward to receiving your response. Good wishes. Carmelx

Kat Edmonson responded on 08/23/2018

I'm sorry for the delayed reply to your email but, yes, you may change the line! did you record it? How very inspired your idea was. More power to you and the women you are standing with.

Very best,

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