Kat Edmonson

My 31-weeks pregnant wife and I heard you perform at the Heights Theatre in Houston last night. Our daughter (in utero) was really active during your set (and we, of course, had an amazing time)! I am planning to play your records for our baby when she's born! I was wondering if there will be tour posters for sale - I'd like to frame one and put it in the baby's room!

Kat Edmonson responded on 08/23/2018

Hi Larry,

Thanks for writing after my Houston show! How is your wife and your daughter? I was delighted to hear that your baby was already digging my music. That is very cool.

I have some old tour posters somewhere from past shows but none from the recent Old Fashioned Gal tour. I also have a black and white portrait but that may not feel appropriate. Let me know what you think you might do. I am quite honored that you want to hang something!

Thanks so much,

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