Kat Edmonson

Interestingly, I saw this request for fan bridge signup while listening to your latest album for the zillionth time :). In your opinion, should albums be listened in the order presented? What are your thoughts on shuffle? I’ve been sitting here musing on the artists process in choosing song order...and here I am presented with the opportunity to ask a question. I hope you’ve had an awesome summer. Your album has been a great part of mine.

Kat Edmonson responded on 08/23/2018

Hi! Thank you for listening so intently! I like to listen to full albums, too, when I am wanting to know the intentions of the artists but sometimes if I'm just cleaning the house, I'll put songs on shuffle. As an artist, I generally like to know how an artist designed their work but I think any way that someone approaches art can be relevant and effective.
Enjoy in whatever way you listen!
Very best,

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